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Talent Management Belief: make people respected, accomplished, blessed

Talent Training System - talent competition is crucial to enterprise competition

Enterprise can not develop without talent. Wufu has cultivated a number of talents with its unique corporate culture, including junior staff and fresh graduates who are sharing the fair development opportunities with the continuous progress of Wufu, as well as dedicated to Wufu with sincerity through the vast development platform. Wufu condenses the industry's best talent team with its broad and great minds. Here, we share family kinship and persistent efforts, regardless where you come from.


Corporate culture is an integral part of an enterprise. Excellent corporate culture can create favorable environment, to form internal cohesion, solidarity and constraint, resulting in positive effects on enterprise, thereby enhancing its competitiveness. What kind of talents the enterprise needs are the ones possess excellent morals and academic skills as well as recognize the corporate values.


An enterprise only possesses one kind true resource – human. Management is to fully develop the manpower resources and get work better done. Talents selection and training are crucial for the enterprises to stand out in the fierce market competition and are the source of sustainable development. How to make talents full play of their abilities becomes the key in today's competition.


Staff is not only the enterprises’ most valuable treasures, but also a vital force and combat team for the enterprises’ growth. Staff training can enhance staff’s self-quality, improve work achievement and increase the enterprise’s overall performance. Only an excellent enterprise will greatly value staff training, to foster all-round talents, ultimately to improve the enterprises’ efficiency, which facilities the sustainable development.


It is easy to get talents but hard to retain talents. Retention must be subject to scientific and rational design of human resource management system, such as fair and just compensation and benefit system and effective incentive mechanism; meanwhile, it is necessary to build positive corporate culture so that staff will take pride in both themselves and Wufu.

Compensation Strategy:

On the basis of post difference, staff compensation is divided into piece-rate, time-rate and post-rate. All staff working on Saturday will get overtime payment calculated by relevant state regulations. Where the staff subject to piece-rate and time-rate works overtime at night and weekends after fulfilling the production quota, they will get overtime payment. Staff’s capability, performance, appraisal, etc. will be comprehensively assessed every January and July, to form a competitive and reasonable compensation system.

Social Insurance:

In accordance with the Labor Law, we pay pension insurance, occupational injury insurance, social insurance, maternity insurance and unemployment insurance for all staff, as well as pay housing provident funds for Zhejiang native staff.

Benefit Policy:

Qualified staff is provided with free accommodation at different levels; those renting houses by their own are provided with rent subsidies based on different criteria; while those who are homeowners are provided with transportation subsidies based on different criteria. In addition, the staff dining in the company canteen when working is provided with meal subsidies.

Talents Training:

During the employment, we provides free orientation training, paid training, pre-post training, in-job training, other professional skills training, etc. for all staff.


We provide physical fitness, recreation, reading-leisure venues, organize abundant cultural and sports activities monthly and send humanistic concerns in case of festivals and birthdays.

Spiritual Culture:

The rationalized proposals, QCC sports and other activities initiated by the company are supported by proportional substantial funds without ceiling, in addition to salary. Internal publication Wufu News is issued monthly, in the way of freelance, reflecting the company's news, cultural life, marketing ideas, feelings, etc., to enrich the staff’s spiritual life.